Qaddafi’s speech writer hopes ‘to bring peace’

Muammar el-Qaddafi during his second speech

TRIPOLI – He called the Libyan insurgents ‘greasy rats’. He called for a ‘house by house’ hunt. And yet, the speech writer to Muammar el-Qaddafi believes today will see peace.

Alfonso Suarez (33), one of the Libyan dictator’s closest aides, is eager to explain the ideas behind the angry speech that was televized Tuesday night. Only minutes after Qaddafi had ended his ranting monologue in which he had urged his machete-bearing loyalists to take to the streets to fight, Suarez said: ‘It’s all about subtlety.’ As for Qaddafi’s warning he would ‘fight to the last drop of [his] blood’, Suarez said: ‘Exactly. The basic rule about subtlety is: you don’t need it.’

The South American speech writer – raised in Managuay, the continent’s last military dictatorship and one of Libya’s few allies – believes today’s events will mark, as he puts it, a ‘new relaxation’. Suarez: ‘The Colonel said: “I will die a martyr”, and I expect that to be like a wake up call. Insurgents will go, like, hold on, this guy seriously cares about his country and his people.’

Alfonso Suarez ended the conversation saying he likes dogs and he is a real Simpsons fan.

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