IMF Chief Offered Escape by Hog-Nosed Skunks

The hog-nosed skunk (Conepatus), symbol of the Managuayan special forces

NEW YORK – A day after Dominique Strauss-Kahn was refused a $1m bail on an attempted rape charge, a military unit from Managuay offers to rescue him for half the price.

Upon arrival at the Rikers Island jail in New York on Tuesday, the IMF chief received a note signed by a group called The Hog-Nosed Skunks (Los Zorrinos). Known as the Latin Navy SEALs, they are a special force from the banana dictatorship of Managuay in South America, a country ridden by poverty, oppression and an overkill of brightly coloured ponchos.

In the letter, the Skunks offer Strauss-Kahn a way out of prison for only $500,000: ‘cheaper than the usual amount to silence an sexually attacked employee’. The Hog-Nosed Skunks – named after an mammal that is known for anally secreting a liquid with a strong, foul odour – admit in a postscript that they are not making an offer the IMF chief can’t refuse: ‘After all, your hobby – running out of the shower naked and grabbing a person from behind – is something that is very common in Rikers Island prison.’

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