‘Mubarak to become president of Bolivia’

MATAQUINTOS – Hosni Mubarak, the former dictator of Egypt, is to become president of Bolivia. He is offered the job by the military government of Managuay, Bolivia’s neighbour.

The Managuayan Minister of Foreign Affairs, general Arnoldo Pelotón, stated tonight: ‘We would love to see Mr. Mubarak lead Bolivia according to his own favourite vision of a country: poor, dumb and unproductive.’ Pelotón stressed that he was aware of the fact that Bolivia is a democracy and already has a president. ‘But Mr. Mubarak has known how to deal with elements he doesn’t like for at least twenty-nine years.’

Managuay, South America’s last military dictatorship, traditionally regards Bolivia as its archrival. The relationship between the junta and Bolivia’s current president, Evo Morales, severely cooled when the latter was invited for a waterboarding master class but failed to show up.

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