Death Belgian cyclist doesn’t scare Managuayans

Cyclist Wouter Weylandt earlier this year

CHUCO – The fatal accident of Belgian cyclist Wouter Weylandt in the Giro d’Italia yesterday has turned attention to La Ronda de Managuay, a cycling race coming up next month.

Managuay is a poor South American country where the only well-functioning organisation is the Ministry of Propaganda. According to some critics, Managuay organising a four-week international cycling race by standards of the International Cycling Union (UCI) ‘is like a llama trying to spit in its own eye.’

Yesterday, a Ronda spokesman referred to the same South American cameloid after expressing his grief about Weylandt’s death. Although some stages of La Ronda are located in the Andes, such an accident could never happen in Managuay, he said. ‘In the valleys of this country, there’s always a llama to drop on.’

Cycling teams from France and Australia are reconsidering their participation.

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