Banana Republic Offers Gingrich Citizenship

Newt Gingrich at a campaign rally in Golden, Colorado

MATAQUINTOS – The South American banana republic of Managuay has offered Newt Gingrich citizenship. This morning, a government official called his political ideas ‘very adaptable’.

‘If Super Tuesday turns out to be a disappointment, we are glad to incorporate Mr. Gingrich into our system,’ declared general Eduardo Dinero, Managuay’s Secretary of Commerce and Mustard Gas. Dinero promises Gingrich a glorious future in the country’s political arena. ‘He is quirky, a megalomaniac and insists that everybody acknowledge he’s right. That makes him perfectly fit for public office.’
It has been known for a while that Managuay’s head of state, general Jamón, privately – but tenderly – calls Gingrich ’the grey armadillo’.

Dinero praised Gingrich for the courage of his political ideas, such as providing park police with more ammunition to kill homeless people and paying students to be janitors. Giggling: ‘Even in Managuay, that would suffice to make people take to the streets to protest.’ Suddenly serious: ‘But they would be shot.’

The only thing expected to be frowned upon by the catholic Managuayan people is Gingrich’ personal life. ‘Being with his third wife makes him stand out a bit in the average cantina,’ said Dinero. ‘But as soon as he’s done with his tenth, the rum’s on the house.’

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